Why Rent a Water Slide

Water Slide Kids having fun in Austin Texas

The reason you should rent a water slide is because it’s fun! And in this heat, it’s challenging to have fun outdoors without a water slide, slip’n slide or dunk tank! But seriously, let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should rent a water slide this Summer:

1. They are more affordable than you think – Austin Water Slide Rentals offers the only water slide rentals in Austin for under $200!

2. Something for everybody – Did you know that we offer everything from toddler water slides to huge two story high water slides for the big kids? We do!

3. Safe, clean and fun – Austin Water Slide Rentals offers the safest, cleanest and most fun water slides in Austin Texas! All of our product is made in the USA and is backed by the largest manufacturers in the industry. Our company is full insured and inspected and compliant with all local and state regulations and requirements. We truly care about your kids safety, and it shows in how we conduct business.

4. Healthy outdoor, social fun – In the age of digital devices, it gets more challenging everyday to get the kids outside and interacting with one another directly. A water slide is the perfect “something” that all kids can agree on is fun and exciting. Watch the smiles and interaction explode when you add the Water Wars feature to any water slide rental!

There are plenty of reasons why you should rent a water slide this Summer. As you can imagine, these are high demand items and we recommend ordering 3 to 5 weeks in advance of your weekend event date, or 1 week in advance for weekday rentals. No deposit or pre-payment is required to order, and you may order by phone (512)765-6071 or online 24/7.

If your kiddos are bored and restless this Summer, rent them a water slide for a “Summer Fun Day” in the backyard. Your vacation doesn’t start until the kids are occupied and having fun for hours in the safety of your backyard. Give yourself a well deserved break by renting a water slide in Austin today!